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On a local level, the Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City Affiliate offers grants for innovative projects in the areas of breast health and breast cancer education, outreach, screening, and treatment support targeting services not otherwise available to the medically underserved populations of our 17 county, bi-state, service area. Komen Kansas City has granted nearly $10 million back into our service area and has contributed more than $3 million to national research projects.

Nationally, Susan G. Komen has sustained a strong commitment to supporting research that will identify and deliver cures for breast cancer. This commitment has resulted in important progress that has contributed to many significant advances in breast cancer over the past 30 years. We began with a single grant for $28,000 in 1982. With increasing investments over time these grants now cumulatively total more than $790 million.

Susan G. Komen is the largest non-government funder of breast cancer research in the world!

Because of YOU and YOUR support over the past year Kansas City grantees were able to provide the following (based on 2012 Race dollars):       

Total # of individuals Served: 3,505
Total # of Services funded by Grants: 6,540
Total # of Clinical Breast Exams funded: 2,148
Total # of Mammograms Funded by Komen: 2,420
Total # of diagnostic services (mammograms & ultrasounds): 292


For a complete list of our current (2013-2014) grantees please visit: Current Grant Recipients.

Imagine what we can do based on our fundraising THIS year! Thanks to your support, Komen Kansas City will be able to continue providing funding for these critical services for low income and medically vulnerable women in our community. Based on our grantees for this year we can project the following outcomes:

Over the next 12 months our grantees predict to do some very impressive work as evidenced by the infogrpahic above. Click here for a downloadable version of our Impact infographic for use on your own.